Rest, Recover, Reinvigorate

April 23, 2020


Ivy Jane demonstrated a noticeable limp in her right rear leg a few days ago. 


Ivy is six years old, an active, certified rescue hound.  Drawing the short end of the straw with my wife, I was dispatched with Ivy to an appointment with the Vet for examination.  Upon arrival, as is the case with many places of business now, every precaution was taken to minimize close human interaction.  A Vet Tech greeted us, escorted Ivy into the offices and about 15 minutes later the Veterinarian returned with Ivy to meet me in the parking lot.  The prognosis was either pulled a muscle or strained ACL.  Three weeks rest and an anti-inflammatory was prescribed.




In baseball parlance that was once called being relegated to the 21 day disabled or injured list, the DL.


I think many of us feel a sense of the DL these days.  While most people are relatively healthy, for the better good of the whole, we have all been “shelved” to a degree.  We abide by stay at home orders.  Those already accustomed to telework continue to do so.  Others, not so used to working remotely, have been suddenly indoctrinated. 


On another spectrum are millions that have been furloughed, laid off, or terminated from employment.  Beyond the current isolation is a sense of loss, grief, and uncertainty about livelihoods now and going forward, not to mention financial strain. 


There are some who were not so healthy to begin with or that reside in assisted living centers that now find themselves apart from personal relationships and family during this period of quarantine.  All of us yearn for a return to a normalcy we knew just months ago, but also experience hesitancy of reintegrating too quickly. 


Though the athlete on the DL relishes the chance to get back in the game, the time spent waiting has value.  Though the spirit may be restless, the mind and body benefit from rest.  Reflection also plays a role along with some soul searching.  What can I learn from this period of convalescence?  How can I minimize my risk of injury in the future by refining my techniques?  I was beginning to slump just prior to getting hurt.  How might film study benefit me or focusing more on one aspect of my game such as hand/eye coordination, foot movement, follow through, positioning?  What would be the benefit of a different approach to building strength?


How might your time on this DL of life right now be of benefit?  Have you caught up on some sleep and rest?  Was it good to not have to pay taxes on April 15?  How much have your expenses diminished by not having to put fuel in the car, eating out, or procuring non-essential goods?  Is your dwelling place the cleanest it’s ever been?  Who have you called, texted, or connected with that you would have not otherwise crossed paths with for a while?  Is it just my imagination or does the air seem a little fresher and bird chirps a bit sweeter?


Personally, this season has been a time of curiosity, of trying to discern what The Divine Creator is attempting to impress upon me and us.  My questions are not too unlike that of the ballplayer on the injured list.  What needs to be learned at this time?  What adjustments might be considered in approach such as interaction with others, focus on customers, and services offered?  Like a rocket that fires up its thrusters to escape the gravitational pull of orbit, how can I power up with knowledge, precision and speed to launch towards a different, yet exciting tomorrow when the time comes?


The days we are now in are going to pass.  Until then, we wait.  While we wait, we have a chance to bone up on our skills through reading, research, or participating in on line learning.  Maybe you really don’t care for what you do or had been doing.  Now is a time to dream, and dream big.  What is it you want to do and what needs to happen for you to move towards it? 


One of my contemporaries is taking piano lessons.  Another is tackling Spanish.  Others are ambitiously tackling any number of home improvement projects.  Some are reaching out to any of those in need, separated from loved ones, and shut ins and providing a ray of light. 


Like Ivy, enjoy this time of rest.  Heal and prepare for the day of coming off the DL.


The Seed Sower