Learning from a Podcast Master

July 6, 2021


Over recent months, I’ve had the privilege to participate as a guest on several podcasts.  Podcasts are a remarkable medium in which participants have an opportunity to convey information about their businesses, ideas, life story, or often all of the above. 


Though as a guest the desire is to present as an effective and articulate communicator, I’ve concluded that the key lies with the host.  A host that first of all puts the guest at ease, and then leads that same guest with good and direct questions at a comfortable cadence and in a relaxed manner is gold. 


It has been my good fortune to appear on a “host” of high quality shows, facilitated by talented facilitators with a knack and skill for bringing just the right mix of energy, thought, and storytelling to a show.   Again, I’m grateful for each of you who took time to not only interview me, but to connect with me as a new colleague. 


Recently I took a “virtual” journey to Eastern Australia to enjoy a moment with Rodney Olsen, the creator and host of “Bleeding Daylight,” an inspirational encounter about people who strive to make the world a better place.  Rodney has been a professional communicator for many years, developing his experience in radio, television, and print media.  He is an experienced Relationship Manager, skilled in Non-profit organizations, Broadcasting, Advertising, and Public Speaking. 


From where I sat at the time of our interview, 13 clock hours behind him, Rodney put on a veritable clinic in how one conducts a conversation providing an admirable model for those presently conducting podcasts or considering it.  Throughout our 40 minutes together, obviously prepared, yet without any prior rehearsal, he flawlessly guided me on a path such that even I was made to feel focused, yet loose, contemplative, while still being spontaneous.


I invite you to join me for a few moments on the June 28 episode of Bleeding Daylight to hear Rodney ply his craft.


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